MLEN magnetic eyelashes are segmented, so it uses a micro-level magnetic field to attract and hold a full set of eyelashes in place. It's ideal for use by Asian women, as the lashes won't damage the natural eyelashes while still holding firmly in place. Due to its comfortable weightlessness, you can even forget you're wearing them. The magnets are made with imported materials, making them extremely soft and flexible. These magnets are 2 times thinner and lighter than industrial rubber magnets, and 3-4 times thinner and lighter than hard magnets available in the market. This makes it easy to wear the bracelet comfortably without the worry of it falling off your wrist.


When using the eyeshadow brush, simply swipe it gently over your eyelids before using them to painted either with the color of your choice or for coverage. The result is a long-lasting, no-makeup look that cannot be undone by any makeup- or trick-trick. Meet the Editor of Women’s Health, a trusted fitness and nutrition content partner, and a physique-focused, low-carb dietitian. Shannon is also a contributing nutrition and fitness instructor at Crunch 154 and a keynote speaker at SMX West on Wednesday, April 27th. Connect with her on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.


Plus, it allows for more mobility in different situations. Currently, it can hold 12 eyelashes, enough for two full sets. Unlike traditional eyelash curlers (aka clippers), these magnets use micro-level magnetic fields to pull the eyelash straight, which is great for making sure every single lash is secure. Try holding the head of a needle straight out and bringing it back to your finger with your fingers, as this same effect happens with the eyelash curlers. HOW TO USE THE MAGNETOLE You simply place the camera-like device onto the eyelashes and snap a photo of your eyebrows and the eyelash curlers. You can either upload the photo to the Limeline website or try it out for yourself. The potential applications are endless: Think of all the ways to wear them while blindfolding someone (where you could use an iPhone strap to pull them into place), taking photos of your nails while getting a manicure, using the set of super-fine eyelash curlers to make a brow shaping wax or coloring your nails flat. BEST SLEEP TRENDS While we wore silver metallic eyelash magnets to conceive of a new category of product, thanks to their luminous and brilliant metallic tones, we can generally say metallic eyelash magnets don’t retain as much luster or even become tarnished after repeated wear. (The lighter, silverish yellow/gold tones give them a more wearable edge.) We tested four of Limeline’s metallic eyelash magnets: one with black and white metallic shades, one with gray metallic shades, one with a suspended metal look and one with a washed-out look. The metallic shades wore the longest, being noticeably retained and not losing color when washed away. We love the curl-and-hold feature. It makes wearing them an everyday, easy and comfortable experience. Our first experience wearing the eyelash magnets on a plastic ring that was bent and bent over caused us to put them back on prematurely because it was uncomfortable being so limp within the rectangle. With the new version, these magnets are held securely on the slots, so they sit comfortably and don’t peek out. THE BOTTOM LINE MLEN is the newest member of the Limeline family of products, and it feels like a modern alternative to clipping or clip-butting eyelashes in powder form. Besides being lightweight, easy to use and comfortable, it’s also eco-friendly with its 100 percent post-consumer recycled packaging. With custom laser etching, your choices for an eyelash control options and color configurations speak for themselves when it comes to customization.


HOW IT DIFFERS FROM AN MRI A magnetic strip amplifier (MLA) uses a powerful magnetic field to generate a current. This current is then directed at your hair follicle and uses micro- and macro-level forces to encourage hair growth. This technology can target specific hair follicles automatically and most doctors will not use this type of treatment to help women draw more hair on their faces. In fact, this Induced Ocular Microstimulation (IIM) is a newer, scientifically proven form of hair regrowth and is not FDA-approved to help women with Photoshop-induced gray. It’s important to note North American hair follicles are relatively large, making IIM an unnecessary treatment technique for people like you and me. This form of hair regrowth does require a course of chemical treatment, so if you do decide to try out these, it’s advised that you speak to a plastic surgeon about the best option for you. This treatment is also not right for people with thinner or shorter eyelashes, don’t have oily skin, are over 35 and live in parts of Asia where the temperatures can be extreme. MLEN is not FDA-approved to help people draw more hair on their faces. (Justin Lin, via AP) HOW DOES MLEN WORK The MLEN can be removed, tried on, worn on and removed without the slightest bit of tugging. No untoward incidents occurred and no adverse reactions have ever been noted. Unlike most elective hair removal procedures, you can return to everyday life and wash your hair naturally when it comes time a wash and pare your strands. Two green magnets snap together to create a “cluster” of five magnets. The magnets are attached to a coil positioned on your forehead, bridge of the nose and the top of your eyelashes. You simply slide your eyelashes and the magnets flush against your face, using the device a la Push-Pull. HOW LONG DOES MLEN LAST? MLEN’s lifespan is up to 6 months on the skin, but is water-resistant. When fully developed, MLEN has been used on over a million people for both aesthetic and medical purposes. It has been shown to be safe for individuals of all ethnicities, skin tones and gender identities. MLEN’s decreased price may and likely lead to patients to explore other hair-care options — and for typically for those who are more price conscious, leave the money behind and turn to more aggressive forms of hair removal, a salon or a doctor can be comfortable making the investment.