In the video above, I reviewed the latest from MLEN, which boasts ‘antibacterial artificial mink’ eyelashes that are ultra-lightweight and soft. Each lash strip weighs 0.028g and comes with a 0.04mm tip, so it's not too heavy on the lashes, nor will it look overly dramatic (although, there are feathery options that could really elevate your peepers).

Thoughts: The magnetic strips held on well to my lashes and were easy to apply and remove. For a more natural look, I had to trim 1cm off the edges, so it rested nicely on my lashes without hanging off on the sides.


The only gripe I had was that my eyes didn't quite like it—literally. It wasn't the most comfortable (my eyes got a tad bit teary), but I like how natural it looked on me—and that it's beginner-friendly.

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