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Different Kind of Lashes

5 Key Differences Between Our Soft Magnetic Field And Others

  • MLEN magnetic eyelashes are segmented, so it uses a micro-level magnetic field to attract and hold a full set of eyelashes in place. It's ideal for use by Asian women, as the lashes won't damage the natural eyelashes while still holding firmly in place. Due to its comfortable weightlessness, you can even forget you're wearing them.
  • The magnets are made with imported materials, making them extremely soft and flexible. These magnets are 2 times thinner and lighter than industrial rubber magnets, and 3-4 times thinner and lighter than hard magnets available in the market. This makes it easy to wear the bracelet comfortably without the worry of it falling off your wrist.
  • The soft magnetic surface is specially treated, meaning it will hold your lenses in place without slipping. When you wear the magnetic clip-on lens case for a long time, the lenses are more likely to stay in place even when you don't have the case on. The longer you use it, the better it will fit your eye shape.
  • The first thing that stands out about our soft magnetic is its thinness. Beating the world record for existing magnets, the magnet is the thinnest and lightest one on the market. The second thing that attracts attention to our product is its quality. Made with a unique technology patented around the world, no other brand offers such powerful yet gentle magnetism as ours does.
  • With a thickness of just 0.15mm, the eyelash makeup is virtually unnoticeable. Weighing just as much as a few eyelashes, it provides a real-time adhesive to hold down your eyelashes without the glue that would otherwise irritate your skin and cause excessive shedding.


MLEN Patent And Test Certificate

MLEN has no peer in the world's eyelash industry. The company is the only one to obtain international certification, with two registered patents on its soft magnetic eyelashes and quality and safety testing certificates in the US and China. With four flagship professional products, MLEN has successfully won the hearts of numerous domestic and overseas fans.

MLEN Magnetic Eyelashes Reusable?

MLEN magnetic eyelashes are the most advanced lash in the world. With an easy-open tray that stores multiple lashes, each lash can be reused countless times. The application is quick and simple, especially for customers who are new to the lash world.

Learn How To Apply Eyelashes In Seconds

Learning how to apply magnetic lashes is easy peasy, especially once you know the method. The first time you try it, it might be a little bit of a hassle, but with enough practice, you'll be able to nail it.



Step 1:

Take out one eyelashes ad separate it into two pieces. 

Step 2:

Align the soft magnet of the two eyelashes with the magnet of the auxiliary clip.

Step 3:

Fix the two eyelashes on the upper and lower sides of the auxiliary clip.

Step 4:

The arc position of the auxiliary clip should be aligned with the eyelash root, ad then it can be worn. 

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes for Beginners by Reinalum

How to Apply Magnetic Lashes for Beginners by Lovelynettetan

MLEN Lash Application & Tutorial

MLEN Unboxing Video

Want to know what's in the box? Here's a quick rundown: 1 pair of lashes, 1 applicator, 1 pouch, 1 instruction booklet, and 14 days warranty.

How to Clean it?

Clean eyelashes, keep the contact surface between soft magnetic eyelashes and skin fresh and clean, and care for eyelashes gently. 

Step 1:

Remove the eyelashes in the direction of the eyelashes. 

Step 2:

Take a piece of paper towel that doesn't shed and open two eyelashes. 

Step 3:

Use water or MLEN Eyelash Gel Cleaner on the clean cotton swab. 

Step 4:

Brush the eyelash tip with a small cotton swab (clean). 

Step 5:

Finish cleaning, clean the surface again with a clean cotton swab, and put it in a dry environment for 5-10 minutes to achieve the drying effect.

Step 6:

When staring, put the magnetic stripe is downward and the eyelashes are upward. Use gravity to keep eyelashes curled. 

Step 7:

Store in dry and clean environment prolong the service life of Milan soft magnetic.


MLEN Lash Cleaning Tutorial

 Variety For All Types Of Eyes

If you're interested, take a look at the many styles available. Is there a pair that's perfect for you? Have them shipped directly to your door.

Authentic MLEN?

Scratch the back of the box to reveal the unique QR number below the QR code.

Step 1:

Scan the QR code behind your MLEN box to be re-directed to the website or click on link below to be redirect to MLEN QR Code authentication website.


Step 2:

Key in the 12 digits displayed on the top of the QR Code


Step 3:

Enter the unique 4 digit into the second column (unique QR code) 

Step 4:

You will see the results after entering whether it is an authentic product from MLEN after entering the 4 digit unique QR code behind your box. 




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